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Manoa Falls Trail

We "hiked" this trail when we first got to the island, more like walked since it's a flat trail leading to one of the few waterfalls on Oahu. It's called Manoa Falls and it's located in Honolulu's deep mountains. We were excited to see a beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail but... there hadn't been enough rainfall to generate a large, majestic waterfall so it was a tiny stream at the end of the trail so these our just photos leading up to it.

Of course, jungle means rain and it rained as soon as we got to the waterfall. Our poor 6lb chihuahua was freezing, wet and Brandon and I didn't have rain gear. I remember us laughing at the fact that we were so unprepared for Hawaii weather (we had just recently gotten to the island) so we were typical "haole's" (non-locals).

Besides lack of preparation and muddy feet, this is one of my favorite trails because it truly feels like you're in Hawaii with tall bamboo trees towering you and the humid precipitation touching your skin so kindly.

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