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Inspired to write, inspired to photograph, inspired to travel

I believe all artists run into moments in their artistic journey where they either get stuck on an idea or lack of an idea, or wake up excited to start new a chapter in their artistic road trip. Perhaps some artists are even experiencing both dilemmas, such as me.

Photography is my art. It is the one thing that I have that's simply me, my view, my outlook, my piece of life that no one can copy, alter or even recreate exactly. At times I have so many ideas floating in my head but not enough courage to bite the bullet and start my own little side gig of photographing couples, families, life. Other times, I am simply stuck and don't want to photograph at all because I am my own worst critique. I compare my work to others, criticizing that my photographs aren't conceptual enough or questing whether they were posed.

Now that I am working the graveyard shift at the hospital, I can't sleep at night like a normal human body requires... I stumbled upon a page on Instagram that led me to a blog about a married couple with VW Van road tripping across Australia and something stood out to me besides the photographer's gorgeous photographs, her words. She had mentioned how her and husband had decided to get away from their busy work schedules and travel. She said her biggest dream was to travel, take photos and write. WRITE! That's one word I haven't thought of in the context of imaginary and self-reflection in a very long time. It was the three words that reminded me of the one thing I wanted to do ever since I was a little girl, travel, write and take photos of everything. I had simply got caught up in daily routines that I forgot what it meant to write.

It was after reading that blog that I was so inspired. I love taking photographs but through the struggle of being inspired by new things to photograph on this island, I forgot how much I loved to write. I am not even that good at writing anymore, but it's the idea of reflecting on photos and adventures through words, that excites me.

I have been bugging my husband about two trips I want to take this year, to Kauai and Bali. Dreaming about them is easier than actually booking a flight, packing a beach bum bag and surfing the shores of those two magical places. A lot of work goes into just getting time off from work. Work is all we do. Our day jobs are certainly our dream jobs, jobs we worked very hard for, but everyone wants a break to just travel.

Since reading that blog, I have a couple ounces more of energy, positive thoughts, and motivation to make these two trips work this year.

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