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Beach Bums- Shore Camping

Camping has been a pastime of mine since I was a little girl. Its a peaceful escape, a beautiful surrender to the wild and to yourself. Brandon and I have loved the west side of the island the most because it's very secluded, there are no tourists, and it feels peaceful. We bought a tent, some simple camp gear and pitched our tent right on the top of a little grassy hill by the ocean.

We sat there and watched the waves roll by. We watched our little dog run around and we took in the setting sun with appreciation. We couldn't build a fire so we cooked Beefaroni in a portable stove.

When the sky turned black, we stared at the stars and talked to each other like couples used to in the olden days when there were no phones, no electronics, no distractions. It was magical, it was fun.

Crashing waves and the increasing hot sun woke Brandon first, he then woke me up excited because in the distance we saw several dolphins jumping in and out of the water. I woke up hysterical because I've had this odd obsession with dolphins since I was little. I wanted so badly to just jump into the water and swim with them. It was truly magical and unreal.

Another camping weekend is sure in the books. Before Brandon and I leave the island, I would like to backpack the Na Pali Coast in Kauai so I need to perfect my camping skills and use my military skills and start putting some more miles on my hiking shoes!

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