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Costa Rica

My trip to Costa Rica is not recent. This blog post is a memoir of that trip because that is the trip that changed my life.

I was so excited when I got the news that i was accepted as a part of a group of volunteers who would travel to Costa Rica to work in various settings in hopes of giving back to the locals. As we know, Costa Rica is still a poor but thriving country. They are peaceful but are still living in dangerous and unsettling conditions. They have no military. Their country is full of colors, happy people and unique culture. Their greeting is, "Pura Vida" which means, "Pure life". They use this greet to say hello and goodbye.

I got to experience the ways the locals live on both sides of the country. On one side, the country is very latin influenced and on the other, very caribbean. The music is different, the people look different and the vibes are different. Costa Rica changed my life. It immensified my zest for life, for travel, for exploration. Costa Rica is where I met the love of my life, Brandon and made some awesome friends! It's also the place that stole my heart and stirred a zest for travel photography inside my soul. Here are some snapshots of our adventures.

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