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Island Life

80 degree weather year-round, palm trees with the sunshine seeping through the leaves, warm, powerful water beneath your toes. This is island life.

Good vibes, happy days, dancing on water is how we live our days and I wouldn't want it any other way.

When we aren't working, we are at the beach. North Shore is truly my favorite. The water is warm and mermaid green. The sand is soft and full of seashell treasures. The vibes are pure and calm.

Yesterday, Brandon and I caught some amazing waves. They were 3-4ft (this is all I can handle right now, Brandon has surfed way bigger) and lasted a good 30 seconds. The ride was pure exhilarating. We caught a wave together and rode it the shore. I remember turning left and Brandon was coming right and we barely missed hitting each other by a few seconds We were laughing out loud at the fact that Brandon fell off his board in order to dodge mine. That was the best wave Brandon and I had ever caught together. We caught waves until the sun went to sleep... a memory I'll never forget. It was magical.

This island life is just perfect. It's who we are and what we hope to one day, teach our children. We caught some photos to hold on to that memory.

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