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Find me on a mountain or in the sea~~~

I love my career. I am a Registered Nurse on a busy but rewarding Medical-Surgical floor in Hawaii. I love what I do. I have the ability to be at a person’s worse moment in their life & help them heal, regain strength & overcome the obstacle of illness. It’s a difficult job emotionally, physically and mentally but I am so passionate about it & the medical field.

When I am not dressed in scrubs being weighed down by saline flushes & my stethescope, you can find me on a mountain or in the sea.

My husband and I recently hiked the Kuliouou Ridge Trail for my 27th birthday (along with horseback riding & swimming). I was eager to hike this trail for awhile now and I finally convinced my husband to come with me. It was a 5 mile round trip hike ascending to nearly 2,000 feet. It was muddy, steep but breath taking. I got bit by mosquitos as always & was battling a head cold the entire time but we made it to the top.

Once arriving to the top, tons of other hikers gathered in one area for pictures. Brandon and I ventured on and hiked to a different side of the ridge & embraced the views peacefully & with blistering wind pricking our skin. We ate our chips & sandwiches and enjoyed resting after a tiring hike (more so for me).

Hawaii is the prefect place for us because we love the mountains but we love the sea just as much. Every day off we have we are either surfing or hiking, it's just who we are and what makes us happy. Here are some snapshots of our crazy hike!

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