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27th Birthday

On Dec. 31st, 2017 I turned 27. 27 years of life have gone by and I couldn't have asked for better years. Each year gets better and better and 2017 was full of so many adventures & memories.

I love birthdays & Brandon had the prefect one planned for me. We woke up early and drove to North Shore to get our favorite breakfast burritos from Kono's along with my favorite Macadamia Nut coffee. We then headed to our horseback ride in the forest of Haleiwa. It was my first time riding a horse and I was thrilled but also a little nervous. My biggest fear was getting kicked off the horse (so many say this happens to them). The horses were calm though and were retired Polo horses so the crew reassured us they were safe to ride.

My horse' name was Spirit and he was bossy and huge! A beautiful horse. I was so nervous at first and took me a few minutes to get the hang out of directed him and tapping him with my heels in order to direct him to GO. I felt so bad and barely tapped him & the crew told me to tap him harder cause he wasn't moving haha. Several times on the trail he spotted the grass and went straight towards to eat.. I held up the others behind me but it was so funny working with a bossy & stubborn hose (kinda fit me perfectly).

The forest was so lush and the light seeped through the leaves so perfectly. It was muddy but had views to the beach and mountains in the distant. It was so peaceful.

After horse back riding we hung out at the beach for awhile so I could wear my birthday Haku crown (flower crown). Our wedding florist made it and it was perfect. I wanted a tahitian style one cause I love the lush, green leaves that compliment the pops of colors of flowers. We snorkeled, ate shrimp truck food and enjoyed the hot sun. When we got home we drank too many Hard Apple Ciders but laughed the night away. It was a perfect way to spend 27.

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