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A grunge island lifestyle

Hawaii is such a colorful place but our tattoos, skate and grunge lifestyle doesn't change, it's just enhanced with some spice on top, island life.

My husband is always such a good trooper when I ask him to play with me so I can practice my photography. Angles, creativity and standing out from others, is key to your art. as artists, we struggle sometimes when we compare ourselves or our work to others but as my husband constantly reminds me, just be yourself and those who like your work will like it, and those who don't, won't. We all have our own style, filters, ways of seeing this world through our eyes, the way I see it is sometimes colorful; blues & greens, bright and sunny but sometimes moody; golden hour hues & some shadows to darken the mood. my art is a reflection of how I feel, what I am experiencing, how I see the world around me at that given time. I think I finally found my style...

Yesterday we hiked my favorite hike, crouching lion. We also discovered this beautiful beach with shallow water and glistening rays right below it. We played for awhile until the sun went down. this beach opened my eyes to a bunch of ideas for some photo shoots soon with some moms and their little ones. I am thrilled and eager to shoot there again.

Here are the fun adventures we captured yesterday. :)

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