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Jen & Killian Crouching Lion

My first official photoshoot! I have been wanting to branch out of my shell of taking nothing but photos of myself and my husband and our adventures so I could bring to others my love for photography and share with them some timeless candid moments. My friend Jen and her adorable baby Killian and I hiked the steep little ridge Crouching Lion. It was so humid, hot and there was no breeze. Jen was a beast carrying little Killian on her back the whole way up. (If you have ever hiked Crouching Lion, you know how steep it can be.)

This is my favorite hike on the island and I was so stoked when she was willing to hike it, change into a beautiful dress and have me capture some photos of her on her 31st birthday.

Currently, both of our husbands who work together, are away so she wanted some photos of her and her little one as a gift to her husband. I had so much fun! It was so interesting having to photograph others but they made it so easy with their sweet love. Photographing them has made me want to photograph more moms and their babies.

After the hike, we drove a few minutes down to a pretty shallow beach. Hawaii is truly an incredible place because each side of the island is so different. The day was gloomy but the clear. It was such an incredible experience. Thanks Jen for bearing with me on my first official photo session. :)

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