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Kai's Room

My sweet boy Kai came into this world on Sept. 20th at 10:37am, that story is in another post :). His room is my favorite room in the house! It's simply perfect. It's vibrantly colorful and full of surf and skate vibes, things we cannot wait to teach him once he is old enough to ride. Brandon painted the amazing wave mural and put together the awesome skateboard shelf with old skateboards he use to ride. The green surfboard is one of the first boards Brandon bought here in Hawaii. The turtle and dolphin photo are photos I took myself while snorkeling here in Hawaii. The checkered vans are his first pair of VANS but they're still too big for his little feet right now. We definitely need more books to read to him and are slowly adding to his collection. You can't see it from the photos but his room is nestled perfectly in our house and he has a view of the outdoor shower and mango tree right outset his window. It was raining when we took these photos and the sounds of the rain falling outside his windows was pure nostalgic, just having him in my arms now is paradise.

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