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Keep the Art alive

Recently I read a post on IG about art and how not many artists, photographers in particular out there on social media are even true to the art anymore. We all see those profiles of countless photos that look posed, look staged and you just wonder to yourself, how the hell do people look that genuinely happy in every photo? Many profiles out there take photos for the "likes" or to make their profile more "cohesive". Where is the Art in that?

I remember in college when I took my first photography class, they taught us all the fundamentals about shooting, composition, capturing the moment. It was so inspiring and my photography since then, has been just that. It has been a reflection of what I see and how I see it, captured through my lens. It has been a form of self expression and my way of showcasing to viewers the beauty of the world around me. I love capturing the raw beauty in people and in nature.

Guilty of it myself, we are sucked into this social media world where couples have accounts together and every photo makes them look so happy but then you realize its all staged, its all for the profit. Many accounts you see pictures of just the owner and somehow they are getting hired by brands to market their products and you wonder how, their entire profile is photos of themselves. What happened to the Art? Frustrated and confused, I spoke to my husband and he reminded me to stay true to myself which I have done with my photography this entire journey. He told me, "If people like your work then they like it, if they don't then they don't." This stuck to me and it reminded me that as long as I love my photographs and am happy showcasing them to the world, it doesn't matter how much attention they get because at least my work is art and not some staged photograph. Many times I remind myself to take photographs that I would print and hang on my wall because that is what will journey my mind back to that precious moment in time, not countless photos of myself posing or copying other photos out there like we see on social media.

This is an awkward post to share but I felt it necessary. As I transition from being a Registered Nurse to a stay-at-home mom/aspiring photographer, I find myself inspired by truly artistic photographers who I have had been photographed by. They truly capture you in your element and I hope to be just that. Of course I would love to work with my favorite brands and start capturing families, but all while staying true to my style and to the art behind photography. So with my little rant having been said, I leave you with a reminder to enjoy the art in things and to never compare yourself or your art whether its photography, painting, dancing, you name it, to anyone else because staying true to your art and the way you see the world is what people love the most.


Photos were taken at the famous Pipeline surf break on the North Shore of Oahu.

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