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Podcast Inspiration

Today I listened to a Podcast from @plantproof interviewing @Earthyandy and I loved it! A few months ago, my husband and I moved to the North Shore of Oahu from Ewa Beach. That story is in another blog post called "Surf Shack" :).

This podcast however, was really inspiring! Not only because my husband and I now live the island life but we recently had our baby boy Kai and we are so stoked to be raising him out here in the country surrounded by the beautiful surf culture and true aloha of Hawaii. I loved the Podcast and how valuable and important topics were touched on such as electronics and kids because I am big believer in playing outside vs. video games & being hooked on electronics. I have seen what it does to children first hand and it can definitely be toxic. I felt like I related so much to the topics and answers of the conversation and it felt so good to relate! My absolute favorite part was when Andrea mentioned how children are own little for so long. Now being a new mom to a 2.5 month old, I have had the best time being on maternity leave. I try my hardest to soak in each and every moment with my baby Kai, even when he's asleep, before I must return to work. My husband and I are so amazed how we created such a beautiful, healthy baby boy and we had mentioned the other night that we try so hard to savor each moment with him, to try and paint mental photos of his every move. With all that being said, I am a big believer in family and social interactions being the forefront of life and social media last. I rarely get on my phone when my Kai is awake because I embrace each moment with him. I soak in the memories whether we are dancing to our favorite songs or just laying on the couch snuggling and me smiling with tears running down my face when he smiles at me or laughs. My husband and I don't even mess with our phones when we are around each other because we converse with one another and enjoy our time together.

Background story; I am a registered nurse in the U.S. Army and he was an Armor Officer in the Army as well. Being military for almost 8 years now has had its many honors as well as challenges. Because my husband was always gone, we grew a deep appreciation for each others presence and for each other in general because we have gone many months apart. We have both decided to separate from the Army when our commitment is over to truly focus on raising our son. Now being a mama, my entire view on life and the priorities of my life have changed drastically. Raising my son is now my job and the only job I want (until he goes to school of course, then this mama will want to go back to nursing.)

Hawaii has definitely changed our lives. You come to this place being the person you were back stateside and for some they get "island fever" and leave but for us, we have found HOME. The surfing, the ocean, the abundance of healthy foods and the immense aloha you feel is simply nostalgic. We truly found home when we moved here, even more so when we moved to the North Shore. Of course we miss our family immensely who all live on the mainland but this is where we belong. We are so stoked to raise Kai with his toes in the sand, catching those crystal blue waves, walking to the farmer's market to buy local produce and most importantly, being submerged in nature at every corner.

That podcast was such an inspiration and so relatable! Reminds you what you already know, to be yourself and to remember to live in the moment rather than through a screen. To cherish each moment with your children and spread Aloha to all you come across. I will definitely be listening to more podcasts! :)

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