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Sarah & Issac Baby Announcement!

I've known these two love birds for a year now and we have become such good friends! It's not everyday you find a couple that loves to surf as much as you do. Sarah and I work together and when we met, I was pregnant with my boy Kai. Now, its her turn and I couldn't be more thrilled for her and Issac! Their love for each other is so outgoing and so beautiful! They are truly a a couple to admire.

Sarah wanted to capture their baby announcement and I was so esctactic! We found a secluded beach on the North Shore of Oahu where the sun was setting so beautifully with its orange and pink hues. We took along the surfboard of course since these two love to surf and I'm sure they'l have their little one in water in no time.

Haku was made by The Happy Haku.

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