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VW Van Life-Maui

Well we did it! We finally went camping in an old VW Westfalia van on the island of Maui. We had this trip planned for a few months and I am so glad we did it! What better way to see Maui then in a camper van! 

The trip was so much fun but hard at the same time with a 3 1/2 month old but we made the most of it, driving around Maui, exploring beaches and waterfalls and exposing our little grommet to the beauty of travel and the world around us. 

Maui is so unique and so different from Oahu. The culture is so different in Hana, it feels like true Hawaii from the way the locals live off the land, the lack of cell service, to the spirit of Aloha being truly evident.  The Road to Hana was gorgeous with its majestic waterfalls, scary turns and one-way roads, and adventures galore. 

Living in a van is definitely interesting. You get creative with how you do things like bathing your baby.. I had to boil water then let it get to a warm temperature to take Kai boy a little bath. There was no AC but the open road gave us enough of a breeze. Brandon had to drive the entire time since the van was Manual. I told him  I wouldn't mind a van like that if our family grew more, such as 4 or 5 kids. :)

We felt like we were truly able to see all of Maui while living in a van. When we had stayed at a resort on our trip to Kauai last year, we had to drive so much more just to make it back to our resort in time and we didn't get to see all of Kauai. With our camper van, we woke up in a different part of Maui every morning. Every side of the island is so different than the other. The North Side has glorious cliff side beaches with palms swaying in the wind. The West Side had beautiful blue water and dry mountains. The South side was so country with the cows grazing on land with the ocean as a backdrop; something you don't see everyday, cows and the ocean. 

Our van had a stove, sink, table, swiveling passenger chair, a pop up with a bed and so many more little perks; even a surfboard rack! We didn't get to surf this trip since we were only there for 3 days but next time, surfing will be on the list! 

We discovered so many different beaches, trails, waterfalls, people and even temperature changes. Who knew Maui would be so chilly! I loved waking up somewhere new and having my husband and baby right there beside me. 20 years from now we will look back on Kai's first family vacation and reminisce on the crazy, fun times we had in our camper van rental! 

 This was our first stop to see the beautiful views. This was on the Palani Hwy, a very country side feel with scary turns and one way traffic at times. 

 Brandon and Kai at sunset

 Our first spot

 Baby shark doo doo doo doo do do

Our first camp site, Kipahulu campground. 

 A random plumeria flower on black sand beach

 I love this captured by my husband of Kai and I at black sand beach while I nursed Kai. 

 Kai taking in the beauty of our second campground, Waianapanapa. 

 Morning views. 

 Black sand beach on a very chilly morning. Kai fell asleep from all the excitement. 

 Our family photo. I love family photos of our adventures. 20 years from now, we will be re-telling the story of our trip. Our hope is to expose our son and future children to the many adventures of life.

 Snapped this sweet moment of my husband and Kai having out in the van. 

 Cave findings


 Love this image I captured of my husband driving on the Road to Hana

 Sunset baths on the beach

 Morning views on the west side

He drove this van on steep cliffs and one way roads like a boss!

 This beach felt like we were in the Bahamas. Crystal blue water galore. Kai felt the seashells on his feet for the first time. 

 Me and my little love beach bumming like always. I don't want Kai to ever grow up but at the same time I cannot wait until he is old enough to jump in the water with me and duck dive under the waves.

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