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jen & Family Maternity

Ah! Where do I begin! Jen and I are co-workers, we have worked together at the same hospital for a few years now and now that her beautiful baby boy is growing big in that belly, we just had to shoot a session together. Those that work with Jen know how down-to-Earth and fun Jen is to work with and just to be around and so I knew this session would be just that.

We brought her hubby and adorable son along for some family portraits and man did they make my job easy. Her son Zarek, was just the cutest! This was my first time photographing a 4 year old but boy did he make it fun and easy! With kiddos, we just gotta let them be themselves because a child's "work" is PLAY. He even helped me snap a few shots of his mom and dad. My favorite was when he closed his eyes when mom & dad snuck a kiss! Seriously takes you back and makes you feel years younger.

I had been wanting to shoot at this spot for awhile now. The sun usually sets on the back left side but the sky was overcast that evening but it didn't stop us from making magic. From the beginning shoot with just Jen and her beautiful belly to the memories captured with her family, she was glowing and it was all so magical! I couldn't be happier for Jen and her beautiful family.

Haku by: Thehappyhaku


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