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mermaid mama

Ali was glowing at her maternity session!!! I love everything maternity, especially since I too am a mama. Pregnancy is the most experience I have ever had and sharing pregnancies stories with other mamas just makes the experience return. All mamas remember the flutters, the kicks, the hiccups. Waking up every hour at night to pee because baby was just pushing on your bladder. The crazy cravings, the nesting phase, the wirlwind of emotions. Besides all those crazy moments, the moment you see your baby on the ultrasound for the first time, your heart drops and the whole world just freezes and all you can think about is how blessed you are to be growing a little human inside of you. Pregnancy is down right badass! What our bodies do without us having to think about it, is utterly amazing.

I can't thank Ali enough for sharing her beautiful story with me and sharing how excited she is to be a mama to her sweet baby girl. She was glowing this evening and as you can clearly see, she looks like a total mer-mama!


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