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My ohana

This hike, I don't even know where to begin. The first time Brandon and I hiked this steep trail we were breathing so heavily, sweating a ton and eager to get to the top. (Heck we still feel that way when we hike it). It's a "short" hike but its steep and half the time you are on "all 4's" and pulling on rope that who knows who tied to trees which are assisting in your ascend. You take quick little breaks when the ground levels out a little and in the distance is a majestic image. An image that no matter how many times I hike this trail, it feels like new. It sends chills down my arms and makes me feel at peace.

Crouching Lion is ITS name or "Puu Manamana" in Hawaiian and it's my favorite view on all of Oahu. My family and I will be making a huge life change soon and so we wanted to capture some memories here one last time. The sun set so beautifully in the corner of the mountains. We took it all in, deeply and heavily. Here's to our favorite spot on the island. Enjoy.


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