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Redding ohana

This family was so much fun from start to finish. Dad broke out his cell phone and played some classic music and him and mom started dancing which brought so much fun and personality to the evening. Their kiddoes were laughing at them hysterically and I couldn't help but join. Then dad played some modern hip hop for the kids and they started their party. There was hip hop blazing through the trees at this spot and all the while the family was dancing, laughing and enjoying the tons of mosquito bites we were all getting.

When mom reached to me and asked for a spot other than the beach and somewhere "magical", this was the first spot that popped into my head. This location is so serene, so unreal, so MAGICAL! The sun creeping through the tall jungle trees, the huge leaves towering the branches, the sense of peace and tranquility (even with the music playing haha). Nothing felt more magical than capturing this beautiful family in this beautiful spot.


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