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Sandia Mountains family session-The Bonham Family

Where do I even begin? This session was but a dream. This family is everything outdoors and adventure and I couldn't have had more fun during this magical evening.

The Bonham family is a rad family of 4 who love mountain biking, hiking, some good ol' rock-n-roll and adventuring as a family. We had originally planned to shoot the session at the bottom of the Sandias but then decided to move to the crest and it was the best decision!

We arrived to fresh mountain air and the sound of birds whistling in the trees. Mom had her hiking pack on while holding son's hand and dad was carrying baby girl in the hiking carrier. We started the short trail to an open meadow that seemed untouched by man. The grass was green, the trees were tall and towering. A bed of wildflowers; hues of purple and yellow, blanketed the Earth. The sky was clear and the Bonham's were ready to explore and play in the wild.

The meadow and flower garden was where we spent a lot of our time. They embraced each other's love, jokes, and we all laughed at silly things the kiddos would do. Baby girl was in her natural element, running wild and free like a toddler should. Wolf was climbing the wooden fence and venturing off into the forest, being a typical young boy. Mom and dad embraced each other's love while the kiddos ran free.

We then continued our hike through the meadow. The sky began to turn to a pinkish hue and the clouds set in. We landed at the edge of the Earth. The view was immaculate, majestic, unreal. The sky was a burnt orange now and the family continued to embrace the beauty of what was before us. As much as we wanted to stay at the cliff spot, we all were ready to move away from the 10,000 ft drop and to safer ground!

We continued into the trees and watched as the sun set on the west side of the city. We saw a beautiful deer in the distance and hiked our way back to our cars. The evening was full of laughter, love, and conversation about adventures, Star Wars, and tattoos.

It was such a pleasure capturing the Bonham's in their natural element! This family was everything adventure and living life to the fullest!


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