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Taylor & Ryan Maui

This session was a dream!!

Taylor reached to out to me months ago and wanted me to capture her and her husband's honeymoon in Maui! She wanted romantic photos with some Hawaiian water crashing behind them.

When scouting locations, I wanted something that truly shows Maui and its majestic lava rocks and cliffs. We found just that. The sun was setting so perfectly behind the rocks. Taylor and Ryan were so engaged in each other and their love was so evident that evening! They wanted "sexy & romantic" and I think we captured just that! These two were so easy so capture, their emotions towards each other shine brighter than the sun that evening.

Little background story, they are highschool sweethearts!!! They got married back home in South Carolina and now as newlyweds, they are enjoying the beautiful island of Maui. I am truly so grateful for Taylor reaching out to me and trusting me to capture her and her hubby during this new chapter of they lives.

I can't wait to shoot here again.


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