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The Wisdom family

It was a long drive from the city. A narrow, bumpy dirt road led to this beautiful place, called The Land. Here, stood a New Mexico dirt red home called the Bali House. The girls sat and daydreamed on the Balinese swing, made of wood and handcrafted with care. It was in the home that mom gifted the girls beautiful Bibles and read to them, a letter she had written prior to their expedition to NM. She expressed her love to her daughters and talked about God, love, adventures, and all the things that made her happy to be their mother. It brought tears to everyone's eyes.

From there, we ventured off into the wild and explored The Land. The Wisdom family, played in a meadow, by a beaver dam and at the top of the hill with the views of the majestic Abiquiu. The famous Georgia O'keefe painted this beautiful landscape and it was unreal to witness its captivating beauty in person. The family did yoga, laughed and enjoyed the warm sun setting. The girls twirled in their gorgeous red dresses while mama rocked her Tom Petty band tee and jeans shorts. They were truly lost in their element and in each other's love. It was such a fun evening and I am so excited to share all of these images with you all.


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