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Jemez Springs, NM| A family Session

Song: Traveller by Chris Stapleton

One of my favorite days. I had just worked a graveyard shift and I wanted a day off with my boys so I went home, slept for two hours while brandon packed up our Jeep then woke up and slept some more on the drive. Jemez springs is only about an 1.5 hours from where we live so it's worth the drive for a day trip. We hiked into the woods to find this serene spot away from people, cars, and the road. We were secluded in this nook with the sun shining on us while we played with Kai in the river. We saw trout jumping out of the water for bugs, we splashed and ate lunch with sound of the river flowing and birds chirping. It was magical. It was the first time we realized New Mexico is where we belong right now. Kai was having such a blast playing and it made us the happiest parents.


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