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Michelle & jaime sunset

Where do I even begin?! Michelle reached out to me and pitched her plan! She wanted to have a beach dinner for her BF at sunset. She set it up all so beautifully with seashells, a lantern, delicious pizza that I am surprised her baby boy Paka didn't take hold of, some wine and a cigar. It was all so thoughtful and just so romantic! We captured some moments on the beach blanket while they simply got lost in each other's company. After some pizza and wine, they hopped in the water and crashed with the waves. The waves were huge that day but that didn't stop these two from enjoying the waves and the sun setting. The clouds came out since it had been raining all day but that didn't stop us or our shoot. I seriously can't get over this shoot. It was so dreamy and their love for each other is just so evident! Enjoy the album.



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